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Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After


Michelle Phan plastic surgery rumors are going around town! Now are the changes in Michelle Phan’s face due to her extraordinary make up skills or is plastic surgery to blame.

Michelle Phan is an American make-up demonstrator and entrepreneur who has become famous as a YouTube celebrity. Michelle’s YouTube channel has over 7 million subscribers and she has uploaded over 300 videos. Michelle has become so popular that the international brand L’Oreal has launched a new line of cosmetics in her name, labeled EM by Michelle Phan. She is also the cofounder of an online beauty site ’Ipsy’.

In 2010, Lancôme made Michelle Phan their official video make-up artist after she featured some of their products in her videos. In 2011, Phan co-founded ‘MyGlam’, a monthly beauty products subscription service, which has since been renamed ‘Ipsy’.

Extent of Plastic surgeries

Recently Michelle Phan has been looking a bit different from usual and it seems make up is not the culprit. Many are saying that the famous make up guru has sought the help of plastic surgery to change her looks! Since Michelle herself preaches the advantages of natural beauty it is quite disappointing to know that she herself had plastic surgery done.

Some have commented that Michelle Phan’s previously broad and flat nose is looking sharp and narrow. This may be the result of rhinoplasty or a nose job! Michelle’s new nose now looks smaller and is no longer broad at the tip. Michelle used to have a rounder nose with slightly flared nostrils. It seems like she has gotten a tip-plasty and a nose wing reduction. There is certainly a reduction in the size of her nose tip and it is more defined now.

New Face

Now one thing very obvious in Michelle’s latest pictures is the shape of her chin! Her chin and her jaw look completely changed! Many are saying that Michelle got chin implants put in to make her previously rounded chin more angular. Her jaw line is also now narrower and better defined. It looks like Michelle has reduced her lower jaw, to reduce the lower jaw one has to reduce the masseter muscle.

This muscle is located at the end of the teeth line on the lower part of the jaw. This muscle can be reduced by Botox injections and can change the shape of someone’s jaw. Michelle’s new V shaped jaw can certainly be attributed to this.

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After

It looks like Michelle has gotten a whole new face! It is disheartening to see that at such a young age she took such drastic steps to have her looks changed.

Michelle Phan herself has admitted to getting Botox and filler treatments! The twenty seven year old makeup artist realizes the importance of having a good face but getting plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures at such a young age is taking things too far.

It is obviously important for her to look perfect so people are inspired by her looks and follow her makeup tutorials but has she gone to plastic surgery to keep herself looking good. After the admission of Botox we think it is likely that she had plastic surgery too.