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Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Melissa Gilbert Nose Job Before and After

Mellisa Ellen Gilber is a famous American television director and actress who was born on May 8, 1964. She began her career as a child actress at the first time in the end of 1960s. Like many actress in this world, she is assumed that she has been under plastic surgeon’s knife to make her face skin look fresh, bright, smooth and free from frown lines. However, the truth of this rumor is still debatable among celebrity plastic surgery viewers and her fans. Well, in order to find the truth whether she has got cosmetic surgery or not and if she really has got it, what kinds of plastic surgery had she applied? let’s see the following review..!

Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery rumor firstly spread out when her before and after photos were uploaded on the internet then they were exposed by celebrity media like magazines and websites. After having compared between before and after photos, they claimed that she indeed had some surgical procedures like nose job. It can be seen from her new nose shape which looks narrower and more pointed at the tip. It has to be noted that Mellisa previously had thicker and rounder nose shape. The other signs referring to aesthetic surgery procedures can be noticed from her face skins which look so smooth and fresh whereas her age is not young anymore. Hence some people assume that she also possibly applies Botox injections to get rid of wrinkles. So it is no wonder if she has smooth skin with natural look. Her fans are not surprised enough when looking at her magic transformation via media. It can be a normal way for actresses to maintain their face and their appearance.

Melissa Gilbert Breast Augmentation Before After Photos

Actually it is not only her face that she has treated by applying surgery procedures, but her breast actually has been done by sculptured by plastic surgeon’s knife as well. So that is why her new cup size now looks bigger over time. Many people believe that she has had breast augmentations and other. Most people also think that her surgeon is expert enough to do surgery because the result of Melissa surgery is good and looks natural. It can also be her effort to maintain her natural youthful and beautiful look which can avoid her from bad plastic surgery like some actresses have.