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Did Megyn Kelly Really Get Plastic Surgery?

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery

Megyn Kelly has appeared on people’s television screens regularly as an anchor and changes she has undergone are instantly noticeable. Megyn Kelly plastic surgery rumors are based on the improved appearance of her nose. Her nose used to be misaligned and as the aging process took over the situation seemed to worsen. The star is in her 40’s and has managed to maintain a flawless face. The major advantage of cosmetic procedures such as Botox is that they help people regain their youthful appearance.

Megyn’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

Megyn is rumored to have had Botox to achieve the younger look that she is known for. The procedure works by paralyzing the muscles of the face. This serves to reduce the problem of skin wrinkling. It is apparent that the popular celebrity has had fillers and Botox among other procedures. Another aspect of Megyn Kelly plastic surgery is a nose job. The nose that she originally had was much larger and rounded at the tip. The nose job procedure was performed with the aim of reshaping her nose. It is not clear how many nose job she has had but the transition would require at least two procedures for it to be effective.

There are different techniques that are used to reshape the nose. Surgeons use different methods to reposition the nose, and these include separation of soft tissues and breaking the bone of the nose. The type of procedure that is performed will depend on what kind of results need to be achieved. In Megyn’s case the nose needed to be repositioned to fit in properly with the rest of her face and soften her features for a more feminine look. Nose jobs typically require a short period of time and the healing process is relatively fast as long as the patient adheres to the surgeon’s instructions. The nose settles into its new shape within a varying period of months.

Megyn Kelly Before and After

Kelly after Plastic Surgery

Kelly is a media personality who is under constant scrutiny and is fortunate to have had a nose job that was done to enable her to have the confidence she needs for her career. She also appears to have had breast implants. The size of her breasts has visibly increased and this would have been achieved through breast augmentation. The incisions made before fitting the implants vary with each patient. The surgeon determines where this kind of incision will be most ideal in accordance with the patient’s breasts and keeping the scar discreet. The surgeon positions the implants in the best way possible before sealing the incision with a number of stitches. (Like Giuliana Ranic and Diane Sawyer)

It is possible that the Megyn’s incision was around her armpit because the scar has been visible in that area. Her breast implants look great and have the potential to last for several years to come. Breast implants need to be replaced after a period of time, and another surgical procedure will be required eventually.

The outspoken star has also been showing off an impressive set of teeth that could be the result of expertly placed veneers. Before and after plastic surgery photos show that she previously had discolored teeth. Now with each smile in after plastic surgery photos her pearly whites are there for everyone to see. Megyn Kelly looks happy and confident with her new look.

She has undergone a transformation like most celebrities and this will be beneficial to her career. Like most celebrities in the industry, she has not come out in the open to discuss any plastic surgery procedures she may or may not have had. Kelly prefers to be quiet about the issue and let others speculate about her features.