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Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Megan Fox Nose Job Before and After

It is not deniable anymore if plastic surgery becomes so popular among the Hollywood celebrities.  Public believe that some actresses or actors have a deal with this beauty enhancement procedure to enhance and keep their amazing appearance. The latest news reports that actress Megan Fox has followed her celebrity mates’ foot step to go plastic surgeons clinic for some surgery procedures. Did she really have some jobs done to keep her look wonderful? Let’s take a look the following reviews based on before and after photos comparison..!

This American actress and model plastic surgery rumor was spreading out for the first time when some people find her old photos on the internet and then they compare with the newest pictures. They notice some changes on her appearance that looks bit plasticized as if Megan’s appearance is counterfeit. Therefore they believe if Megan Fox plastic surgery rumor is truly fact.

Judging by before and after plastic surgery photos, this actress apparently has some changes on her face, breast volume, and on other parts of her body. Well, in order to make clear whether she has been under plastic surgeon’s knife or not, let’s see on her face appearance. It now looks flawless and is free from aging signs. We guess that she has got facial filler injection like Botox or other dermal fillers injection to rejuvenate her skin. As we know that the use of Botox can help smoothing or reducing the wrinkles and making the skin shinier as the result the face will appear to be fresh and look young.

On the other hand, based on before and after photos comparison above, we also notice that her cups size has truly changed as well. It now looks bigger and fuller, we suppose that she might have got boob job to add her breast volume size. The other signs that we can as the result of plastic surgery is on her body shape that looks slimmer and shaped well whereas she previously looks a bit fatty. Therefore we think that Megan Fox cosmetic surgery procedures are not only fixed on her face and cups size, but she also has possibilities to have other surgery procedures like liposuction to make her body shape looks proportional. Although to make body shape can be obtained through good diet and routine exercise but this Transformers star apparently prefers to be under surgeon’s knife for liposuction rather than having healthy diet and regular exercise.

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Since Megan Fox plastic surgery news has been spreading out widely, there has no been any confirmation from the actress. She just stays mum with the spreading cosmetic surgery rumor addressed to her. However a minor of her fans feel regret if their favorite actress has been really under plastic surgeon’s knife. They prefer and proud of seeing her live naturally without any jobs done on the parts of her body.

In short, there are many disputes dealing with Megan Fox plastic surgery results; some people think that she looks better after having some works done on her appearance. On the contrary not a few of them agree if she looks more wonderful after having plastic surgeon’s aids, they think that she has gone overboard with her surgery procedures so that her latest appearance looks a bit weird.

What do you think of Megan’s latest appearance? Does she look better or even worse after getting cosmetic surgery? Feel free to share your opinions with us here..!