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Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Meg Ryan Before and After

Have You Seen Meg Ryan Lately?

She was one of the most famous actors of the 1990s, and she had a fresh face. Meg Ryan was a household name and one of the highest paid actors at them time. However, now Meg Ryan plastic surgery has made her look like a completely different person.

People first noticed her plastic surgery after when appeared looking very puffy at the Taormina Film Festival in 2013. Not only was her face line free and wrinkle free but her lips were very puffy. She is 51 years old and should have at least a couple of wrinkles on her face, however she does not. Meg is almost unrecognizable thanks to all of the plastic surgery she has had.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery has not improved her looks but has made her look worse and clown like. Many people and her fans remember as being the queen of chick flicks.  She would release a couple of movies a year and they were always great movies that made you feel good about life and love. However, sometimes after a messy break-up from actor Russell Crowe she started to falter and she was no longer landing hit movie roles. She might have also decided to work less because she has an adopted daughter, Daisy, who is almost 10 years old.  It could be that she decided to stay home with her daughter more.

Ryan’s Plastic Surgery is a Nightmare

There is one thing that we all know for sure is that her love of cosmetic surgery might have all but ruined her beauty. She was such a naturally beautiful girl and she looked like the girl next door. She had an all American girl honesty and quality that could not be beat by any actress. Some sources have said that she has injected way too much fat in her lips. It is also claimed that she has injected Botox in her forehead.

There are other sources that claim that she has had an eyebrow lift and maybe even a nose job.  Therefore one can assume that she has spent many years working on her looks and that the final result might just have the opposite effect of what she desired.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

According to many plastic surgery experts it looks like she has had lip implants in her upper lip. Lip implants can look much firmer than a regular lip. This can make a person’s lips look unnatural and stiff. It will also make a mouth look wider and more clown like. In recent pictures of this actress it look as if she might have had the implants removed and is now relying on lip injections to keep her lips looking plump. However this has not helped as her lips still do not look natural.

Her lip surgeries has been an epic fail and have ruined her beauty. She is of a certain age and should have some sagging skin.  However she doesn’t have any sagging skin which would lead some to believe that she has had a neck-life and some forehead injections to stop this natural aging process.

It is very unfortunate that she has undergone all or even just some of these procedures. Meg Ryan plastic surgery has not helped her career, if anything it has made it worse.  Her face looks stretched and swollen. She should have thought twice about the procedure she did or maybe she should have found a better surgeon. Either way it is evident that she has had plastic surgery and that is has not helped her enhance her beauty instead it has made her look artificial. Despite all of this there are still many fans who love her and wish her the best.