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Mary Tyler Moore Botched Plastic Surgery Photos

Plastic surgery can help enhance a person’s looks however only when this procedures  are not overdone. Plastic surgery can and will be a disaster that will destroy the appearances if a person has a botched procedure. Mary Tyler Moore is an example of plastic surgery that has become disaster for her. What kinds of plastic surgery procedures has she got? And how worse does she look after getting some works done? Let’s see..!

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After

Mary Tyler previously was known as a beautiful woman. She is blessed with good and charming appearance, and she also has good talent in acting. However she now looks much more different than she used to.  She looks weird even worse. Some people wonder if her weird appearance is all caused by too much plastic surgery. We can not define why she has to decide to be under plastic surgeons but one source claim that she has cosmetic surgery to enhance her appearance and boost her self confident. Unluckily, most of her surgery procedures are not well done even they almost destroy her appearance. So what are plastic surgery procedures that she had?

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Photo

If we look at Mary Tyler Moore plastic surgery before and after photos, she likely has got too much facelift, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), Botox injection, and also used some dermal fillers around her face. Let’s see her latest face appearance; it now looks so tight and so smooth so that it makes her look unnatural. In fact facelift procedure can help someone’s appearance looks younger by tightening and lifting the skin around the face. However if the procedures was overdone, they can destroy face appearance. There are many other signs of the fact that her plastic surgery gone wrong. You can see something is wrong with her eyes. They look too wide and too open this is from a bad eye lid surgery.

Mary Tyler Moore Botched Plastic Surgery

On the other hand, some notice that she does not apparently only have facelift and blepharoplasty but she also possibly has got too much too much Botox injection around her face so that her face skins look too smooth consequently her face now looks swollen and frozen. Even she can not move the face and express the emotion, that’s really horrible result.

Well, this case hopefully can be a lesson for us or everyone who wants to get plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is not the best choice to stay young or to enhance the image. But plastic surgery like a magic thing that can make you better or destroy yours.