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Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Mary Louise Parker is a beautiful actress who becomes more popular since her role as Nancy Botwin in the TV series “Weeds”. This beautiful actress looks so youthful even though her age is not young anymore. Her age is about 48 years old but she still looks fresh and young as if it is hard to find or see aging signs on her face. For that reason, some celebrity viewers suspect that she may have plastic surgery for her youthful appearance.

Did Mary Louise Parker Have Plastic Surgery?

Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Before and After

Some people begin to speculate whether Ms. Parker has some surgical procedures or not since they found her appearance which looks so young for her 48-year-old-age. Morever, plastic surgery now becomes a trend for Hollywood and worldwide celebrities to keep and enhance their sexy and youthful appearance.

If we look at before and after photos carefully, Mary Louise Parker apparently has Botox injection and laser treatment so that her face still looks fresh and young in her late 40s age. Her face skin especially arround her forehead looks so smooth and free from aging signs like wrinkles, crow’s feet line, and other aging signs. Such smooth and flawless face appearance in 48-year-old-age is usually obtained from the use of facial filler injection like Botox. In some shots, she also apparently has another plastic surgery procedure. It can be seen from her nose shape appearance which now looks slimmer and more pinched with sharper at tip whereas if we look at before picture, she likely has a bit big nose with less rounded at tip.

However, It is hard to know whether she has plastic surgery or not because Mary herself never gives confirmation about this news. Therefore, Mary Louise Parker plastic surgery truth is still debateable among celebrity viewers and her fans.

Over all, regardless of whether she has plastic surgery or not, we think that Mary Louise Parker is kind of beautiful and wonderful woman with plastic surgery or not. She looks great in her age, looks natural and not plasticized.

What about your ideas? Does she look like to have plastic surgery? Or Does she look natural without any works done on her appearance? Feel free to share your ideas!