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Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Everyone agrees that Marilyn Monroe is a beautiful American actress who becomes so popular with her lifestyle and controversial life. At first Marilyn Monroe is kind of beautiful woman that blessed with a sexy and beautiful appearance. Even her beauty is served as a benchmark for sexy and beautiful women. However, some people now begin to doubt her natural beauty, moreover there have been many reviews and analysis say that she has got plastic surgery to enhance her sexy image during her life.

Did Marilyn Monroe Have Plastic Surgery?

Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgery apparently had become a trend for celebrities who lived in the prvious century. It can be seen from Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery rumor. She reportedly had got some surgical procedures like nose job and possibly other cosmetic surgery to enhance her beautiful and sexy appearance.

Compairing by before and after plastic surgery photos, Marilyn likely has some changes on her nose shape. If we look at before plastic surgery photos, her nose and lateral side of the nose look wider. It is very different with her nose shape at after plastic surgery picture which looks slimmer with narrower bridge and more refined tip. On the other hand, many plastic surgeons believe that she did not only have rhinoplasty surgery but she also looks like to have chin surgery to make her chin look well shaped so that it looks appropriate for her face frame. In some shots, she also appears to have teeth veneers so  that she has sparkling smile.

Well, Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery seems to be secret key for her sexy and wonderful appearance. She looks better and more beautiful after getting some works done on her appearance. However, it seems to be hard case to know whether she has got plastic surgery or not because she had passed way for long time, so it is impossible to ask her confirmation. The only one that we can do is bringing her old pictures with the blatest one to a certified and profesional surgeons, then make some reviews. Some plastic surgeons believed that she indeed has plastic surgery procedures like nose job, chin surgery, and many others.

Over all, regardless of whether Marilyn Monroe has plastic surgery or not but we think that she is still wonderful woman nevertheless some people begin to doubt her natural beuaty. However, if she really has got nose job, chin surgery, and many others, they must be done very well so that it is hard to find the signs of her aeshtetic surgery.

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