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Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

An American journalist Maria Owings Shriver who was born on November 6, 1955 in Chicago, Illinois is a beautiful and active woman. She is not only best known as a journalist but she is also well known as an author of best seller books. How great woman she is! It has to be noted that she ever became a first lady of California because she has got married with Arnold Schwarzenegger as a California Governor. People know that she belongs to Kennedy family and she is a currently special correspondent and anchor for NBC News. After twenty five years of marriage, she got divorce with her husband. The latest news reports that she has been under the knife to maintain her youthful appearance. Is that true..? Let’s check out the following reviews based on before and after photos comparison.

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging by Maria Shriver cosmetic surgery before and after photos,she indeed looks fresh and young whereas her age has crossed more than 60 years old. Looking at her gorgeous appearance make some people begin to wonder if her youthful appearance is the product of plastic surgery procedures. They guess that she possibly has got facelift combined with some filler injection like Botox to make her face skins look smooth, tight, and free from any aging signs like wrinkles or other frown lines. How would Maria say regarding to the spreading rumors?

The former wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger stays quiet about the rumors. She has not yet released any statements about any surgeries that she might or might not have had. However, even though she has not neither denied nor admitted the rumor, some people do believe if she had truly been under plastic surgeon’s knife to maintain her youthful appearance. It is rarely happens to the other women in her age if they do not have some works done.

 Even though she has not confirmed or denied the rumors, but we notice that she looks great after being under knife. We strongly believe that she has taken a lot of advantages from her surgical procedures. However if she really does not have some works done as many people judged, she possibly had been blessed with good genes so that she is still able to look  gorgeous and always young in her sixties age.