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Madonna Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Madonna Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Madonna Louise Ciccone or better known as Madonna is surely a beautiful woman. She is not only best known as  a singer-songwriter but she also well known as an actress and businesswoman. She got her fame as a singer when she released her first album in 1983 in which her album became the highest selling of female singer because it was sold more than 300 million records. However, since she has become a famous singer, there many people consider that her appearance are always changing. Therefore, they consider that she becomes one of plastic surgery fans.

If we follow her career development, we are sure that we will not shock to hear that Madonna has some transformation along her life. However, some of us may not know detail her plastic surgery procedures so that she can look so sexy and beautiful.

Madonna Plastic Surgery Cheeks

Compairing by before and after photos, she apparently has facelift procedure, neck lift, chin surgery, lip injection, dermal injection, laser treatment, nose job (rhinoplasty), and many more. The signs of her facelift, laser tratments, and facial filler injection like Botox can be seen through her face appearance which still looks fresh, tight, smooth, and young. It is mostly impossible for 50-year-old women to have youthful and flawless appearance if they do not have some works done on their face.   I think that she did plastic surgery because she is a public figure. She wants to be perfect in each time and has best looking that helps her boost her confidence. Meanwhile, we can see her rhinoplasty surgery sign through her nose shape appearance which looks slimmer and well refined at tip. In adition, we can also see her necklift procedure from her neck skin which looks a bit lifted as if she does not have saggy skin around her neck. Last but not least, if we look detail at her cheeks and chin appearance, they now look higher, plumper up, and sharper than before. Such cheek and chin appearance indicate that she might have got cheek and chin implants. Meanwhile, her lips now look more plumped up and juicer than they used to, it indicates that she probably has lips filler injection as well.

Overall, although many people have known that Madonna has got plastic surgery procedures but they still admire that she is indeed a beautiful and sexy singer in this century. She looks 20-year-old younger tha her real age. That’s so beautiful appearance. Great job Madonna!