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Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

As yet another celebrity reaches their middle years, rumors of Madeleine Stowe’s plastic surgery have begun to surface. As plastic surgery is growing so fast among celebrities, the public will speculate that their favorite actress or actor is having plastic surgery if they still look young in their middle age. Like the star of ABC drama “Revenge”, Madeleine Stowe. Her potential plastic surgeries have become a hot topic of discussion among celebrity viewers and on some celebrity blogs since she still looks young even though she is 55 years old.

Did Madeleine Stowe Have Plastic Surgery?

Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery Photo

It’s not a secret anymore that attractive appearances seem to be one of the most important assets that most celebrities in Hollywood have. Madeleine Stowe has reportedly had some work done to keep her youthful appearance. What kinds of plastic surgery procedures does she have? And how does she look now? Let’s see the reviews below! Hopefully she looks as good as Sandra Bullock when she’s all done with her procedures.

Comparing Madeleine Stowe’s plastic surgery before and after photos, it seems that this actress has had some beauty enhancements through surgical procedures like Botox injections, eyelid surgery (bepharoplasty), and lip augmentation. If we look at before and after pictures above, she apparently has had Botox injections around her forehead. Therefore, her forehead still looks smooth and free from frown lines. On the other hand, her eyes now look fresh and wide. It’s hard to see excess skin, bags under her eyes, and crow’s feet lines around her face. We have to wonder if she has had eyelid surgery to remove the aging signs. Look at her recent picture, she looks much better right?

Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery Before and After

In addition, Madeleine Stowe’s procedures do not only fix her forehead and eyes, but her lips apparently have changed as well. Her recent appearance makes her lips look fuller, it may be caused by the use of lip filler injections like restylane, juvederm, or sculptra. Having smooth facial skin, wide and fresh eyes, and possessing thick lips makes her look younger and more attractive than other women at her age.

Overall, Madeleine Stowe’s plastic surgery looks great because she has gained a lot from the procedures. She must be grateful to her plastic surgeon, who has done well with all the procedures. However,  this does not mean we  are suggesting that you should have some surgical procedures. We know that plastic surgery can help you look younger, but it’s not the best choice for everyone who wants to look younger. Growing older is a natural process, so getting older naturally is the best choice.