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Linda Evangelista Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Linda Evangelista Plastic Surgery Before and After

One more super model is being reported to have plastic surgery procedures to improve her sexy image. She is Linda Evangelista who is best known as a Canadian model. This rumor began spreading out widely to the public when before and after photos were uploaded on internet. Nevertheless some people are still wondering with the types of her surgical procedures if she did have some beauty enhancements on her appearance.

Did Linda Evangelista Get Plastic Surgery?

This super model who was born on May 10, 1965 began her professional career as model in 1978 and until now she still becomes one of the best selling models in U.S.  During her career, she must have got many awards and achievements. However, her name is now being a subject of discussion among her fans in various celebrity forums. It is not because of her career achievements but it’s all about the possibility for her to have plastic surgery. Public suspicions began to spread out when some people notice that her appearance still looks awesome even though her age is no longer young, 48 years old. What are the surgery procedures that she got?

Linda Evangelista Plastic Surgery Face

Judging by comparing Linda Evangelista before and after photos, she apparently has got at least regular Botox injection so that her face still looks flawless. Even some celebrity sites claim that her surgery procedures were carried out when she was pregnant whereas we have known that having cosmetic surgery while pregnant can dangerous the patient.  Therefore we think that she is a lucky woman because she still looks great after getting those beauty enhancements. But, is that true if she has been under knife?

When Linda Evangelista plastic surgery rumor was confirmed to the model, she openly admitted that she had Botox injection around her face. She told that attractive appearance was one of her valuable assets, so that she had to keep it though she had to be under plastic surgeon’s knife. She also expressed her grateful to her plastic surgeon because she could still look amazing though her age has crossed more than 48 years old.

Over all, plastic surgery indeed becomes the most favorite way for models to keep their beautiful and sexy appearance. However, it has to be noted that not all models can look better after getting some works done. Some of them have gone too far with their surgical procedures as it had been done by Janice Dickinson. She looks weird even awful after having some works done therefore some people suspect that she has got plastic surgery gone wrong.