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Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

It’s no secret that South Korea is a country where plastic surgery has been running rampant. So it’s no wonder that most people in that country reportedly have had some works done as well. The rising star Lee Min Ho, has reportedly been under knife to enhance his appearance. Now that Lee Min Ho’s plastic surgery has been confirmed, the big question is what kinds of procedures has he had done, and how many? How does he look after receiving cosmetic surgery? Let’s see!

Lee Min Ho After Nose Job

Asian plastic surgery is not only dominated by female celebrities. Male celebrities have also been taking advantage of these aesthetic procedures. The latest rumors report that Lee Min Ho, a rising star from South Korea, has been under a plastic surgeon’s knife to improve his appearance. This rumor started to surface after the public noticed that his appearance looked a bit different especially his nose shape. Lee’s nose now looks better defined; it looks thinner and sharper than before. His new nose shape now fits better with his cute face.

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before and After

Comparing Lee Min Ho plastic surgery before and after photos, we see that he previously had a bumpy nose. Recently it looks a bit different; his nose now looks reshaped. Therefore Lee Min Ho’s nose job, or rhinoplasty as it is medically known, is very obvious. Moreover some people know he has a close relationship with a plastic surgeon, and that fact has strengthened the rumors.

When this famous singer is asked to clarify whether he indeed had a nose job or if the rumor is just a hoax. He stays quiet and never gives any official statements. Many other Korean celebrities who have reportedly been under knife always deny their surgical procedures. It’s as if they feel ashamed to admit that they’ve had plastic surgery done. This must be the case with Lee Min Ho, because there has been no clarification from the superstar concerning this issue. The public assumes that the singer indeed had rhinoplasty surgery. Star Haus Entertainment management, which houses him, claimed that none of their celebrities have had plastic surgery, including Le Min Ho. They ensure that the celebrities under their influence keep their natural appearance and stay away from any surgical procedures. (Just like Coco Austin, Mark Mcgrath and Gauri Khan)

Well, although the Star Haus Entertainment agency denied that Lee Min Ho has had plastic surgery, many believe that he has. Whatever he did, plastic surgery or some magical transformation, he still looks better with his new nose.