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Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is a general truth that most South Korean celebrities reportedly have got plastic surgery. The latest news reports that Lee Hyori who is best known as a South Korean singer, ex-member girl band Fin, has been under plastic surgeon’s knife to improve her image as famous celebrity.

Did Lee Hyori Have Plastic Surgery?

If we look at before and after photos, there are indeed some differences on her face area especially on her eyes, nose, and breast. We guess that those changes are as the result of double eyelid surgery, nose job, and breast implants. It has to be noted that most of Asian plastic surgery revolves around the eyes which is best known as eyelid surgery. When we look at Hyori’s latest eyes appearance which looks larger, we strongly believe that she had been under knife for blepharoplasty surgery. Generally, South Korean’s eyes appearance looks narrow, but what we see on her eyes, it looks like western eyes appearance.

Lee Hyori Breast Implants Before and After

On the other hand, if we look at Lee’s latest nose shape, it now looks thinner and straighter forward than she used to. Some people may not know that she previously had bulbous nose but it now seems to be better. Therefore we think that Lee Hyori nose job rumor is in fact true. The last but not least, some people also wonder that she now has bigger and fuller cup size whereas she previously had a small flat chest. We guess that she possibly has got breast augmentation as well to achieve sexy image.

Lee Hyori is not the only Asian celebrity who reportedly has been under knife, there are many celebrities from South Korea have been rumored of having some works done as well. They are Kim Tae Hee, Park Min Young, and many others. Nevertheless most of them have taken a lot of advantages from their surgery procedures.

In short, Plastic surgery is not something new anymore for Asian celebrities. Therefore it is not shocking news anymore if most of them reportedly has been under knife to improve their image as well as a famous singer Lee Hyori.