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Leann Rimes Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Leann Rimes Plastic Surgery Before and After

One more a female singer, Leann Rimes, has been reported to have plastic surgery. This well-known country singer reportedly has been under knife to maintain her attractive appearance like what she had when she was young. The big question is what types of surgical procedures that she got? And how well does she look now? Well, in order to answer our anxiety, let’s see the reviews below.

Comparing and judging by Leann Rimes before after photos, Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian who was born on August 28, 1982 indeed looks different than she used to. Her cup size now looks bigger and fuller than before. We guess that Rimes possibly has got breast implants to keep her sexy image.

Plastic Surgery Before After Photos Leann Rimes

What about her face skin? Does it look natural? If we pay attention detail on her face skin, it still looks smooth, fresh, and tight as if it is hard to find the wrinkles there. Based on such face appearance, we think that she could have regular Botox injection to minimize the visible aging signs on her face. However, some people notice that her face skin appears strange and frozen. They worried if this famous singer has got too much filler injection like Botox around her face skin so that it looks bit unnatural.

When she was confirmed by some celebrity magazines volunteers in order to make some statements regarding to public’s suspicion, she openly admitted that she indeed had got some surgery procedures done on her face and breast. Even though some celebrity viewers claimed that she looked a little bit strange, but she felt satisfied and happy with the results.

In short, plastic surgery is truly individual right. However, if it is not done well, it will destroy the attractive appearance. It does not mean that we define Leann Rimes has got plastic surgery gone wrong. We just notice that her appearance now looks bit unnatural after getting some surgery procedures. (Like Jenna Jameson and Alexa Vega)

What do you think of Leann Rimes’ latest appearance? Does she look like to go overboard with her surgical treatments? You can decide by yourself by looking at before and after photos above.