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Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Youthful and attractive appearance in old age seems to be the dreams of most women in the world, moreover actresses who consider that stunning appearance becomes one of the most important assets that they have to keep. American dramatic actress Lauren Koslow apparently has understood well about how to enhance and maintain her youthful appearance even though she had to be under plastic surgeon’s knife. It is all caused by her professionalism as top actress. Some people wonder what exactly surgery procedures that she got so that she can still look gorgeous in her 61-year-old-age. Well, in order to answer our anxiety, let’s see the following reviews that are based on before and after photos comparison.

Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery Before and After

If we look at Lauren Koslow plastic surgery before and after photos,we see that she indeed still looks young and great for 61-year-old-women. Her face still looks smooth, tight, and free from aging signs. We think that she could have got some works done like facelift that was possibly combined with Botox injection. Generally, women in her age must have some wrinkles, crow’s feet lines, or other frown lines around their face. But what we see on Lauren’s face, it still looks wonderful. Moreover her lips also appears to be more plumped and juicy, it makes her more look sexy and pretty.

According to Dr. Salzhauer, she possibly has got mini facelift which was perfected with filler injection like Botox or dermal filler injection to make her face and lips plum and tight. The surgeon revealed that it was almost impossible for 60-year-old women could have ageless appearance if they did not have aids from plastic surgeons. Even the doctor equated her lips with Angelina Jolie lips.

Nevertheless it has to be kept in mind that Lauren Koslow is not the only one who reportedly had got some beauty enhancements in her old age to grid the aging signs. There are still many actresses out there who were reported for being plastic surgeon’s patients. They are Morgan Fairchild, Blythe Danner, and Deidre Hall. All of them reportedly got a lot of advantages from their cosmetic surgery procedures.

Over all, Plastic surgery seems to be the best choice for some celebrities in Hollywood to enhance and to keep their youthful and wonderful appearance. Some of them have got best results but not a few of them have been weird even awful after getting some surgical procedures. Today we can learn from Lauren Koslow plastic surgery, she apparently has got great results from her beauty enhancements. Good job Lauren…!