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Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Before and After

Many celebrity viewers are talking about Lauren Holly’s plastic surgery since she looks unusually good in her 50-year-old-age. Some people assume that she may be afraid and feel insecure with the aging signs, so she decided to have some beauty enhancements done through surgery procedures. Is it true that she has gotten into cosmetic surgery? If that’s true, are her surgical procedures a result of self confidence issues associated with signs of aging? Let’s check out the following reviews!

Lauren Holly is not the only one actress who reportedly has had some work done to remove the signs of aging. There are still many other celebrities who have also reported going under the plastic surgeon’s knife like Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Aniston. In order to know whether Lauren has received surgical procedures or not, we can look at the following before and after photos below.

Lauren Holly Breast Implants Before and After

If we look at Lauren Holly plastic surgery before and after photos, her latest appearance indeed looks younger than the other women in her age. Her face looks smooth and flawless making it hard to see the aging signs on her face. We assume she has received a facelift that is combined with Botox injections so that her old appearance still looks attractive. On the other hand, if we look carefully at her latest appearance, her cup size looks different as well. It looks bigger and fuller than it used to look in the past. We wonder if she does not only facial surgery, but that she may also have breast implants to increase her bra size.

When this rumor was brought to the actress’ attention, Lauren openly admitted that she has breast implants. She said that she has seen many improvements from her surgical procedures especially the breast augmentation, that gives her satisfying results so that she feels more confident with her new bra size. Does it mean that her cosmetic surgery is indeed for boosting her self confidence? That’s for you to decide.

Over all, plastic surgery seems to be the best shortcut to improve our appearance as evident in Lauren Holly’s plastic surgery. She has more confidence after she has been under knife. However, we are never bored to remind you that not all surgery procedures can make us look better but they sometimes can make us look worse. Doubly so if the procedures are not deeply considered and done by a certified surgeon. Good job Lauren!