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Lauren Conrad Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Lauren Conrad Nose Job Before and After

Lauren Conrad plastic surgery rumors are all over the internet, but what’s the truth here? She is best known as a beautiful young author, fashion designer, and television personality. However some people are talking about her beautiful appearance. They think that her latest appearance looks unnatural as if it is handmade, hence they guess that she possibly has been under the knife to get her wonderful appearance.

Did Lauren Conrad Have Plastic Surgery?

If we look at a before and after photo comparison, she apparently has had some prominent changes done to her nose, chin, and bust. Her nose looks a little pinched and smaller with an asymmetrical nasal dorsum. We guess that she possibly had a rhinoplasty surgery to reshape her round and wide nose shape. Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a famous professional plastic surgery in Beverly Hills agrees. The surgeon noticed that her nose looks much more defined than it used to. He said that her nasal tip looks like it has been modified by a plastic surgeon’s knife so that it now appears to be smaller and asymmetrical. He agreed that she previously had a bulbous nose shape as presented on the old photo above. Therefore it is believed that the Lauren Conrad nose job rumors are practically true.

Lauren Conrad Breast Implants Before and After

On the other hand, judging by her before and after photos above, it is very clear that Lauren Conrad does not only have a rhinoplasty surgery under her belt, but she apparently has chin implants as well. It can be seen from her face which has a better balance of her facial features. In addition, look at her cup size! It looks bigger and fuller than it used to. Although she is still young, her new bust appearance looks unnatural. Therefore, we speculate that she also possibly had breast implants to perfect her beautiful and sexy image. How does the fashion designer respond to the spreading rumor?

When she was asked by some celebrity and health magazine volunteers, Lauren neither admitted to, nor denied the rumor. She just stayed quiet. Nevertheless some people strongly believe that this talented woman has been under the knife for some beauty enhancements.

It has to be noted that Lauren Conrad is not the only young woman who reportedly has had some works done to improve her image, but there are still many other young actresses who have been under a plastic surgeon’s knife too; they are Amanda Bynes and Emma Stone. Both of them reportedly have received many benefits from their surgical procedures.

What do you think of the Lauren Conrad plastic surgery rumors and her latest appearance? Does she appear like she’s been having some plastic surgery procedures done? Or may she indeed grow naturally? Feel free to share your comments here..!