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Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery Rumors

Lady Gaga plastic surgery rumors say that she has gone under the knife numerous times to maintain and better her looks. Stefani Joanne Angelina or Lady Gaga is a very successful artist in the music industry. She has sold millions of albums for her music and won numerous awards too. Some of the beauty enhancement procedures she is said to have undergone include a nose job, facelift, boob job, lip injections and Botox treatments.

When interviewed about the issue, Lady Gaga said that she has never had cosmetic surgery. She further stated that enhancing looks by cosmetic procedures is extremely more harmful than an arty expression.


However, despite denying the claims, Lady Gaga plastic surgery rumors are spreading with evidence of her before and after pictures. Her nose, for instance, has transformed. When she started her career, her nose appeared bulbous and round. The nose bridge also used to be raised and thicker. In her recent pictures, the nose appears to be shorter and smaller with a narrower nose bridge.

The talented singer has maintained a youthful and ageless look over the years; something that many have said is as a result of Botox injections and facelifts. According to reports, she is a huge fan of facelift tape. The singer uses the temporary facelift tape to cater for her sagging skin. However many continue to argue that it is botox injections and surgery that have helped her maintain the smooth, flawless and wrinkle free skin.

Breast implants have also topped Gaga’s plastic surgery rumors. Her breasts have significantly changed, increasing in cup size. They look rounder than they were before something that has been attributed to breast implants.


Lady Gaga has only admitted to using facelift tape to maintain her good looks. However, her before and after pictures show that there must be so much more to that.