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Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Kyuhyun Eyelid Surgery Before and After

One more Korean star is being reported to have been under plastic surgeon’s knife. It is Kyuhyun who is best known as Super Junior member. Public suspicions are based on his unusual and unnatural appearance. They found that there are some changes on his appearance since he becomes super star.

Did Kyuhyun Have Plastic Surgery?

Judging by before and after photos, this rising star has appeared with different facial features like eyes and nose. We guess that the changes on his eyes and nose are the effect of cosmetic surgery procedures. He possibly has been under knife for a rhinoplasty surgery to change his nose shape which now looks thinner and much better defined, whereas his nose previously looks a bit wide and rounded at the tip.

Kyuhyun Nose Job Before and After Photos

The other obvious sign referring to Kyuhyun cosmetic surgery is on his latest eyes appearance. It now looks wide opened as if it is not like typically Korean eyes. As we know that most of Korean people have small eyes shape, but what we see on Kyuhyun’s eyes appearance, it seems to look like typically western eyes.To get such eyes appearance, it is usually obtained through eyelid surgery. As it has been done by many Korean celebrities like Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Min Ho. both of them reportedly have taken a lot of advantages from their eyelid surgery and nose job. How does the member of Super Junior boy band respond to the spreading rumor? Does he admit or deny the rumor?

When he was confirmed and questioned whether he has been under knife or not, he openly admitted that he has got some plastic surgery procedures to change his eyes and nose shape. He also told that he was very thankful to his plastic surgeon because the doctor had done all the procedures well, so he could still look natural and more handsome than before.