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Kyle Richards Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Kyle Richards Nose Job Before and After

Most people must not be strange anymore with Kyle Richards, a cast member of The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. Now, she is rumored that she has been under the knife to enhance her appearance. Is true or not? If the rumor is right, so how well does she look now? Well, although we are not plastic surgeon, but we will try to analyze whether she has got some surgery procedures or not based on before and after photos. Let’s check this out..!

Judging by before and after photos, Kyle Richards’ latest appearance apparently leads to the surgery signs. Let’s see her newest nose shape, it now looks much more defined than she used to. Her nasal bridge has likely been reshaped so that it looks better. The other parts of her body that lead to plastic surgery signs is her face skin which looks so smooth. We guess that she has got regular Botox injection around her face.

Kyle Richards Plastic Surgery Before and After

The other surgery procedure rumor addressing to her is about liposuction. Its sign can be noticed from her body shape which now looks slimmer than before. Some people consider that her slimmer body appears to be unnaturally shaped because she has just given a birth to the fourth child, so it seems to be impossible for getting perfect body shape in the short time. Therefore, Kyle Richards lipoplasty rumor is in fact true. (Just like Kate Upton & Coco Austin)

When the actress was confirmed by some volunteer of celebrity and beauty magazines, Kyle openly admitted that she had been under plastic surgeon’s knife for a rhinoplasty surgery and liposuction. However she did not comment about the use of filler injections like Botox or others around her face. She explained the reason why she took nose job and lipoplasty because she wanted to repair her nose shape and then to remove excess fat from her stomach. She also expressed that she was very grateful to her surgeon because all of her surgery procedures were well done, so that she could still look attractive even though she has got four children.