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Kristen Wiig Nose Job Before After Photos

Kristen Wiig Nose Job Before and After Photos

A comedian, writer, producer, and American actress Kristen Wiig is assumed that she has had plastic surgery. Wiig who is best known for her work has changed her nose by doing nose job. A funny girl who was born on August 22, 1973 has changed her nose back in 2007. Because she is a comedian, she thinks that the rumor about her nose job is just a fun making everybody laugh. She, directly or not, has been a center of attention after she shows her new different look. By comparing Kristen Wiig job before and after photos, people can obviously know that she has really had a nose job.

Most her fans noticed that she has unusual slightly nose when she shows on Saturday Night Live in 2006. From the front view, it may be difficult to notice the change of her nose, but, when people notice her nose from the side view, it will be very clear that she completely has restructured her nose shape. Her nose before has an attractive tip and smooth bridge, while her nose after is smaller. Is her nose really original or she has had nose job or facelift to make her nose changed? It is a big question from many people moreover for her fans?

Some surgeon think that her plastic surgeon has taken off the tip of her nose slight upturn and made the slope of her nose flatter although she still keep the secret to the public. She may hide the photos of herself, but the photos cannot lie and hide the fact of her changes. Fortunately, her nose becomes smaller and beautiful. A famous surgeon says that she has also had big nose job. Her nose looks different in shape; it is more defined with narrower and shorter nose tip. Whatever the rumor attacks her, she is always happy and funny in showing her performance on television.