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Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Kristen Stewart Nose Job Before and After

We believe that everyone will not strange anymore with Bella Swan on Twilight series. Yes, she is Kristen Steward; she is a beautiful, cool, and sweet actress. There are many people are talking about her name since she could characterize Bella well on that movie series. Most of them are amazed with her great acting and wonderful appearance. However, since the popularity of Twilight Saga has been decreasing, some people wonder where she is. They hardly see her best acting and gorgeous look. After having disappeared in public, she appears with new appearance. Some people shock when they see her latest appearance. Therefore they wonder if her new appearance is the product of plastic surgery procedures.

Did Kristen Stewart Have Plastic Surgery?

The beautiful actress who was born on April 9, 1990 in Los Angeles, CA, reportedly has got cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance her appearance. Even one source claimed that she had gone under the knife was not only aimed to improve her image, but she had chronic birth face making which made her was not able to smile. Regardless of the reasons why she got reconstructive surgery, what kinds of surgery procedures did she actually have?

Kristen Stewart Breast Implants Before and After

Well, judging by Kristen Steward before and after photos, we notice that she has prominent changes on the parts of her body especially on her nose shape and cup size. Her new nose looks more oblique and thinner than she used to. It has to be remembered that she actually had a larger, bulbous nose shape with a large tip and wide nasal bridge when she was young. But it now has changed better. We guess that she possibly has got a rhinoplasty surgery so that her nose can look in such way. Meanwhile, her breast appearance now looks a bit bigger than before. We are afraid if she also has been under plastic surgeon’s knife for breast implants. It is almost impossible for other women can get additional breast volume in the short time if they do not have implants inserted on their bust. How does the actress respond to the spreading rumor?

When Kristen was confirmed to make some official statements regarding to the rumor, she just stayed mum with the rumor. She neither admitted nor denied whether she had really been under plastic surgeon’s knife for the changes on her nose and cup size. Although she has not released an official statement to the rumor, her close friend told that Kristen Stewart plastic surgery rumor is in fact true. What about plastic surgeons’ judgments?

According to Dr. Barry M. Rose, she has clearly had breast augmentation because she has different volume and shape of her breast. Nevertheless the surgeon ensured that her surgical procedures were well done so that she could still look natural and more beautiful.