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Koena Mitra Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Koena Mitra Plastic Surgery before and after

Koena Mitra plastic surgery rumors are now abound! Plastic surgery is a far bigger deal in Bollywood than it is in Hollywood. Stars in Hollywood are more open about plastic surgery and have more plastic surgeries. Plastic surgery is still not openly talked about in India.

Although many in the Indian film industry have also had plastic surgery, barely any have accepted the rumors regarding their plastic surgeries.

Plastic surgery rumors in India are a far bigger deal than they are in Hollywood. Actresses in Bollywood, especially, are scrutinized and criticized if plastic surgery rumors regarding them start circulating. The latest Indian beauty to come under fire from plastic surgery rumors is the beautiful Koena Mitra. But is there any truth to these rumors.  Lets discuss.

Koena Mitra is an Indian actress,model and Beauty Queen who appears in Bollywood films.  Before starting acting, Koena began her career as a model. In 2001, she won the beauty pageant Gladrags Mega Model India 2001. She later went on to become one of the Top-12 Semifinalists of Miss Intercontinental Pageant in Germany out of 84 countries.

Over the years, Mitra has done commercials for Mirinda, Clinic All Clear, Maruti Alto, jjewelryand beauty products. She has also participated in numerous fashion weeks in Milan and Beijing.

Koena Mitra’s first film appearance was the special appearance in Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Road’. In 2004, she appeared in Musafir, alongside Anil Kapoor. She has also appeared in movies ‘Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena’ and ‘Apna Sapna Money Money’ which were commercial successes.

Disastrous Results

Every aspiring actress has her fair share of insecurities which can tempt them towards plastic surgery. For Koena Mitra the decision to get a nose job turned out to be a disastrous one.

The beautiful actress admits to her decision to get a nose job and even talked about her horrible experience with plastic surgery.

She shares her story by saying after the surgery my bones started swelling up. Even the doctors gave up and said that only medicine and prayers will work.

Koena Mitra Plastic Surgery

Doctors were not optimistic about Koena’s condition and gave her just six months. She says I sat at home initially. But I could not take it anymore and started going out with that face of mine. I didn’t hide anything. But people spoke and wrote the worst kind of about me.

Changing Attitudes

The actress’ face had been disfigured as a result of plastic surgery gone wrong, she could not even smile properly. Although she had accepted her face, people were cruel about it.

Koena says the downfall from her surgery led to people ridiculing her but it opened her eyes. She says some of my best friends left me (Like Gauri Khan & Goo Hara). Maybe I was too honest.

After her disastrous first experience, Koena had to get a few corrective surgeries. She says that changed attitudes about her, adding suddenly I was this trendsetter. Whenever a cosmetic surgery goes wrong, people say I was the first brave one to talk about it.

Koena Mitra’s life was changed by her decision to get plastic surgery. Surgery is not a thing to be taken lightly as it will not always make someone look beautiful, it can sometimes go wrong and endanger lives like in Koena’s case.

Koena Mitra has come back stronger from her botched plastic surgery, we wish her the best of luck in the future.