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Kirsten Dunst Highlights the Downside of Being a Celebrity

Kirsten Dunst Before and After

We all know the saying “more money, more problems” but actress Kirsten Dunst highlights the downside of being a celebrity when she appeared in a short film for Vs. magazine called Aspirational. The film was directed by Matthew Frost and had a very specific aim, but we’ll get to that in a moment. First all of, how are there any downsides to being as celebrity? Money, fame, the adoration of your fans, constant stalkers and paparazzi, zero privacy at all times, your entire life plastered on tabloids…okay I’m starting to see the downsides here.

Let’s not leave the cosmetically altered elephant in the room whose more Botox and silicon than flesh and blood unaddressed though. Celebrities in Hollywood are held to extremely high standards that border on inhuman. The only way for celebrities to match these standards is to cut, inject, lift, trim, suction, and modify everything they can to fight the degradation of their mortal coil. They can’t get old because in their eyes, that’s a failure to please their fans. We put this pressure on them, but do we really deserve their browlifts, nose jobs, and breast augmentations?

Maybe not, and that’s what this short film is trying to address. It’s a perfect example of how celebrities have become objects in our society. They are no longer people, they are puppets that we command to dance for our amusement. When they start to show cracks, we patch them up with Botox and send them on their way. We’ve created this cycle where celebrities must reach a plateau of surface level greatness, or risk being cast into the abyss of obscurity.

But hey, it makes for great gossip, so why change?

Kirsten Dunst Before and After

What Happens in This Film?

Aspirational stars a well-known actress named Kirsten Dunst who is known for her roles in various films, including the Spider-Man trilogy starring Toby Maguire. In this film she plays herself, waiting for taxi on the side of the road. Suddenly a car with two fans stops and asks the eternal question celebrities hear: “Are you (insert name here)?” She answers yes and the girls proceed to get out of the car.

Kirsten makes several admirable attempts to strike up a conversation with the girls, but they only respond in fragments as they snap infamous “Selfies” with her. When they’re done, they don’t bother thanking her or even looking at her. When she asks them if they have any questions, they reply by saying, “Can you tag me?” yet another cancerous social networking tumor in our society incarnated in the form of a question.

She just stares at them with a perfect “Are you serious?” face, and then get back in the car and drive off. That’s it, but it’s a powerful message. Digging through Kirsten Dunst plastic surgery rumors, I saw nothing but some dental work she had done to fix her smile. Could there be more? Sure, but that’s not the point. The point is that celebrities have become nothing more than objects of obsession. That’s why plastic surgery has run so rampant lately, because they are struggling to meet our expectations, and subsequently their personal standards that stem from our own. (Like Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams)

Is this bold statement going to break the iron gaze that our youth have on their smartphones? Will selfies die out in a pitiful fire, cast back to the hell they came from? I doubt it, but I can always dream. What do you think about the short film and the way Kirsten Dunst highlights the downside of being a celebrity, and more importantly the message it sends? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!