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Kimora Lee Simmons Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Kimora Lee Simmons Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kimora Lee Simmons plastic surgery has been spreading out widely and becoming a subject of discussions in various celebrity forums. The former fashion model has reportedly got some beauty enhancements to improve her sexy image. However the surgery procedures are still debatable because there has not been any official clarification from the model.

Did Kimora Lee Simmons Have Plastic Surgery?

It is not general secret anymore if there are many models are reported to have some works done to enhance their appearance as well as Kimora Lee Simmons. The rumor saying that she has been under knife began to spread when some people found her with something unusual on her appearance. In her 37-year-old-age she is still like 28 years old. Her face skin still looks smooth and tight whereas other women in her age have some aging signs around their face. Therefore some people think that Kimora Lee Simmons cosmetic surgery rumor is in fact true.So what are exactly surgery procedures that she had?

Kimora Lee Simmons Nose Job Before and After

Judging by before and after photos, she likely has got nose job, browlift, and Botox injections. Let’s see her new nose shape which looks slimmer and much better defined. It has to be remembered that she beforehand had round and wide nose shape. On the other hand, if we look at her face skin, it looks so tight and smooth. We guess that she possibly has got forehead lift combined with Botox injection because it hardly happens to the other 37-year-old-women to have such face appearance if they do not have any aids from plastic surgeons.

Since the rumor has been spreading out widely and becomes public consumption, there has no been any official statement from Kimora Lee Simmons. She just stays mum with the rumor as if she does not want to let her personal life to be exposed and known by public. Nevertheless some people do believe if she indeed has been under knife to keep her youthful appearance for her career existence.

All in all, based on before and after pictures comparison, it is not deniable anymore if Kimora Lee Simmons has got some works done on her appearance so that she can always look young in her 37-year-old-age.