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Kim Delaney Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Kim Delaney Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

One more a veteran American actress, Kim Delaney, reportedly has got plastic surgery. Her name now is being the hottest topic of discussion among celebrity viewers in various online forums and social media. This rumor began to spread out since some people see her 52-years-old-appearance looks unnatural as many ordinary women in her age look. She still looks young and gorgeous though her age is no longer young.

Did Kim Delaney Have Plastic Surgery?

If we look at before and after photos comparison, Kim’s appearance indeed looks awesome. Her face skin still looks smooth and fresh with free from wrinkles and other skin problems. Looking at her youthful appearance makes us wonder that NYPD Blue star has got some surgery procedures like facelift that was combined with injectable filler like Botox.

Kim Delaney Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The other sign referring to plastic surgery fact is dealing with her plumped and fuller lips appearance. We predict that she did not only have Botox injection on her face skin, but she apparently has got lips filler injection as well. However, some people consider that she might get ageless appearance but unfortunately Delaney’s latest lips appearance looks overdone so that they describe her lips look like a “duck mouth”. Nevertheless we can not define if she has got plastic surgery gone wrong. How does the actress respond to the spreading rumor? Does she admit it or on the contrary she denies all the rumors? (Like Kaley Cuoco & Mark Mcgrath)

When this All My Children actress was confirmed by some celebrity magazine volunteers, she neither admits nor denies the rumor. She just stays mum with the spreading issues. But, even though she has not released any official statements, some people do believe that Kim Delaney plastic surgery rumor is in fact true.

What do you think of Kim Delaney’s latest appearance? Does she look like to have some works done on her face? Feel free to share your ideas with us..!