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Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery Before After

Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery Before and After

We believe that everyone will agree if Kim Basinger is a famous American actress that has been playing in many popular films such as Batman, Never Say Never Again, and many others. It seems that they do not only amaze with her great talents but they also admire her sexy and beautiful appearance. However, they recently find that her appearance has a little bit changed, she looks a bit weird with her new appearance.

Did Kim Basinger Have Plastic Surgery?

Many people believe that many celebrities in Hollywood have ever been under surgeon’s knife to enhance their appearance,as well as Kim Basinger. She reportedly has some works done on her appearance so that she looks a bit different than she used to, her appearance now looks a little bit weird.

If we look at before and after photos, she looks like to have facelift, dermal fillers, and some skin treatments so that her face now looks much younger, smoother, and tighter. However, some pople consider that her new face appearance looks a bit odd. Does she possibly have too much facelift and facial filler injection so that her face looks in such way?

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Based on the pictures comparison, we strongly believe that she has got too much facelift procedure combined with some filler injections around her face skin because her face now looks unnatural, it likely does not have any expression at all.

When she was asked to make some official statement, Kim Basinger did not clearly deny or admit whether she has plastic surgery or not. She just told that her appearance change naturally changed without any sculpture from surgeon’s knife. However, What she has said to public is very contradictory to what plastic surgeon explained. Dr. Paul Nassif revealed that she indeed looks different than she used to. Her face now looks too tight and smooth as if it does not have any emotion there. In other words, plastic surgery expert Dr. Anthony Youn said that Kim Basinger appearance looks bit weird after having some plastic surgery procedures. It seems that she has overdone facelift surgery and facial filler injection like Botox that make her face looks swollen. He also showed that her right eyelid also looks drooping down which indicates that she indeed has some works over done. Even though her face now looks younger, smoother, and tighter but it looks a bit weird for her face frame.

In short, Kim Basinger plastic surgery seems to remind us that not all plastic surgery can give us beautiful appearance. It always has two possibilities between best results or even worse appearance.

What do you think about Kim Basinger plastic surgery? Does she likely have some jobs over done? Feel free to share your opinion with us!