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Kim Ah Joong Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Kim Ah Joong Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

It is not deniable anymore if there are many Korean actresses look beautiful with smooth and bright skin, and it is not secret anymore if their gorgeous and wonderful appearances are generally obtained through plastic surgery procedures. The latest news reported that similar to Kim Ah Joong who is best known as a singer and drama actress or model on many Korean films she has gone under surgeon’s knife to improve her looks and image. Our big question is what kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures that she may get?

Judging by Kim Ah Joong plastic surgery before and after photos, she indeed has some changes on her appearance. This 200 Pounds Beauty star’s appearance now looks perfect and more beautiful whereas she previously had square face frame while her old nose also looks flat and bulbous nose. We suppose that she might have got jawline surgery to reshape her square face shape. On the other hand, her new nose appearance seems to be a product of rhinoplasty surgery because it now looks pointer, narrower, smaller, and more refined at the tip than it used to look. What about her eyes? Yeah, her eyes also appear to be wider opened, we suspect that she likely has got eyelid surgery to make her eyes look in such way. Although she has got many surgery procedures on her face but we think that all of them are well done as results her appearance now looks more beautiful than before.

When this beautiful actress was confirmed and asked regarding to the spreading rumor, she just stays mum with the rumor. She does not say any words dealing with her plastic surgery rumor. However, although there has not been any official statement from the actress, but some do believe that she has truly been under surgeon’s knife because her latest appearance is much more different than she used to look before she becomes a famous actress.

What do you think of Kim Ah Joong’s latest appearance? Does she look natural? Or does her beautiful appearance reflect plastic surgery signs?