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Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery Before and After

The Kerry Washington plastic surgery rumors are everywhere. Nowadays plastic surgery has become so popular among Hollywood celebrities. Most of them reportedly have this beauty enhancement done to enhance their image. As we know that beautiful appearance is indeed one of the most important assets that they have. When it starts to fade, they prefer to use the shortcut way rather than the natural one to maintain their stunning appearance. The latest news reported that Kerry Washington had plastic surgery to keep her youthful appearance. The big question is what kinds of surgical procedures has she done? How does she look after going under a surgeon’s knife? Let’s see the answer below!

Kerry Washington plastic surgery rumors started to steal public attention when some people noticed her with a different appearance. She looks so attractive and amazing in her 36 year old age. She does not appear to have any aging lines around her face. Her face still looks smooth and tight. However the most sticking sign of her plastic surgery is on her nose which looks slightly different. Does this mean she had facial surgery and a nose job?

Kerry Washington Nose Job Before and After

Comparing the Kerry Washington before and after photos, her face indeed still looks smooth and fresh. We suspect that she might have had botox injections or other dermal injections done around her face. However, it still looks natural. Her nose now looks slimmer with a narrower nasal bridge. It looks well defined whereas in before photos her nose looks wide with a big tip. We believe that she has had rhinoplasty surgery to achieve such a nose shape.

The other signs of plastic surgery procedures can be seen from her cheeks and lips. Her cheeks now look puffy while her lips appear to be juicy. We wonder if she also had cheek implants and lip filler injections to make her cheek and lips look this way. She’s approaching Janet Jackson Territory.

In short, whatever Kerry has done to her appearance, it looks great. She does not appear to have gone overboard with plastic surgery procedures, so her appearance still looks natural. We hope that she is still able to keep her wonderful appearance when her age crosses 45 years old.