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Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery Photos

One more a famous American singer-songwriter has been rumored to have plastic surgery, he is Kenny Rogers. He reportedly has some works done to increase his appearance in his 60-year-old- age. This rumor has been spreading out widely since some people found him in very attractive appearance. His face looks so tight and smooth without any aging signs whereas his age is not young anymore. The big question is what kinds of plastic surgery procedure that he has got? Well, if you really want to know Kenny Rogers plastic surgery procedures, let’s take a look brief review below. However it has to be noted that this review is based on a comparison of before and after photos.

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging by Kenny Rogers before and after plastic surgery photos, this senior male singer does still look younger than other male singers in his age. His face now looks so smooth and tight as if it is hard to find the aging signs there. We guess that he has got facelift combined with facial filler injection like Botox or others so that his appearance still looks young and fresh. Furthermore if we look carefully at his eyes, it does not have any saggy or baggy skin upper and under his eyes but it now looks wide opened so that it can give him fresh impression. Looking at his latest eyes appearance, we believe that he may not only have facelift and Botox injection but he possibly has got eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty surgery) as well.

It has to be noted that 60 years old men’s face appearance usually show some frown lines but what we see on Rogers’s face appearance, his face is still free from aging signs so that we believe that Kenny Rogers plastic surgery is in fact true. Although he has been rumored having some works done to enhance his youthful appearance but we notice that he still looks natural.

When this rumor was confirmed to Kenny Rogers, he openly admitted that he indeed has been under surgeon’s knife for his youthful appearance. He told that he did his cosmetic surgery in 1990 when plastic surgery was not popular procedure like now. He also expressed his grateful to his plastic surgeon because the results of his surgery procedures had met to his expectation it was not like other celebrities whose plastic surgery gone wrong.

In short, there many stories that we can learn from celebrity plastic surgery. Some of them have taken a lot of advantages from their surgical procedures but not a few them also have become victims of bad plastic surgery. And what we can learn from Kenny Rogers plastic surgery story is that we will take a lot of advantages from our surgery procedures if they are prepared well and done well by a certified plastic surgeon. We hope that this senior American singer-songwriter and author can keep his youthful appearance without any additional surgery. Good Job Kenny..!!