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Kendra Wilkinson Plastic Surgery Rumors

Kendra Wilkinson is a young and energetic glamor model, television personality, author, and businesswoman. She is perhaps best known for her role in the famous TV series called The Girls Next Door. She made her breakthrough on the screen in 2009 with her Kendra series. There have been numerous Kendra Wilkinson plastic surgery rumors in both mainstream and social media.

It is alleged that Kendra’s option to go for the knife was inspired by various reasons. Some sources state that it was for her modeling career, notably with Playboy magazine. Other sources say that her performance in various strip clubs in San Diego led her to undergo plastic surgery.

However, she has not officially refuted or confirmed the allegations made on the various platforms. Most of her fans think that she was attractive even before she had the cosmetic procedures.


Wilkinson has had a nose job to improve her facial appearance. In addition, a breast surgery was done to improve her bust line. After her pregnancy, Wilkinson may have felt the need for a breast procedure. Looking at her past and present photos,it is clear that Kendra Wilkinson has indeed had cosmetic surgery. Currently, she has an impressive 34E bust.

Before her nose job, Kendra’s nose was somewhat bulbous and had a chubby nasal bridge. Many regard these features as unattractive. Well, she had the features fixed, and she now has a new and outstanding look. After the procedures, Wilkinson is not shy to expose her newly acquired beautiful look for her fans to see.

With photographers snapping away pictures of her at every opportunity, it is clear that she loves her new look. Her career seems to have been propelled by the surgeries. Her fans across the world will surely be keen on any more of Kendra Wilkinson plastic surgery rumors in the future.