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Kendra Wilkinson Boob Job

Kendra Wilkinson boob job rumors have gone viral among her fans. Pictures have circulated on different platforms showing purported evidence of Kendra’s breast augmentation. By looking pictures before and after the surgery, it’s easy to tell that she has had a boob job.

A boob job is a cosmetic procedure done to change the shape, contour, size and visual appearance of the boobs. Cosmetic materials such as silicone gels are used in the process. Increased research has enhanced safety and efficiency of the surgery making it very popular among celebrities.

The trend has been around for numerous years now. Celebrities including actors, musicians, TV personalities, models, and socialites have embraced boob jobs. Kendra Wilkinson has not been left behind on this new trend. She has allegedly had breast augmentation, something that many people say benefited not just her looks, but her career as well.


After her pregnancy, her breasts seemed to have sagged a little. Well, this was not something unusual for the average fan. However, Wilkinson was not content with her look and decided to go for plastic surgery. According to the celebrity, the main reason for having the procedure was to enhance her performance as a San Diego stripper.

These days, her breasts appear rounder and firmer even on photographs. In comparison to her past image, she is now more attractive, confident, and lively. After the boob job, Wilkinson is confident flaunting her 34E size boobs. Rumor has it that she has been attracting huge attention from men, thanks to her new striking appearance.

More importantly, reports suggest that she has been contacted by several companies with more modeling offers. However, it is not clear that this is as a result of her cosmetic surgery. However, one thing is clear; Kendra Wilkinson boob job has positively worked for her.