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Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before and After

An American actress who was born October 2, 1970, Kelly Maria Ripa or known as Kelly Ripa is also a television producer and talk show host. She is youthful and has no wrinkle in the 42 of her age. Some people believe that she has gone under the knife to make her face or other spots in her face look smooth and flawless whereas she is almost old. She herself said that the Hollywood reporter has had plastic surgery like botox injection to make ageless. Like other actresses do, she also applies nose job to make a nose of woman who played Hayle Vaighan on All my children as a program of soap opera pointed at the tip and the nasal of her nose looked more refined.

Some of her fans agree what has she decided to make her face youthful because she is a public figure and she has had applied good plastic surgery that looks natural. She is also the wife Mark Connsuelos.  Her face is probably the work of  master surgeon to help her get good result in applying facelift and botox injection. So she can maintain her pretty face by applying the nose job way. Kelly Ripa plastic surgery before and after photos make people think that not all plastic surgery can be worse or dangerous. It can also be safe with smooth and good result in doing surgery. Now, Ripa looks perfect and beautiful although her age has been 42.

The most powerful people in media is glad with her face looked younger and brighter. She still has also many fans supporting her in deciding her way to do something including plastic surgery procedures. This is why she doesn’t mind sharing that she has had has had plastic surgery like facelift and botox injection. She looks enjoying her life with plastic surgery applied by herself to make her fans exist in admiring her and to be good looking when she delivers a report on television.