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Kelly Osbourne Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Kelly Osbourne Nose Job Before and After

There are many reasons why some women eager to have plastic surgery procedures. The common reason is to enhance their appearance, moreover for some public figures like actresses who are demanded to always look attractive in every chance. The latest news reports that talented young actress, Kelly Osbourne, has been under plastic surgeons knife to improve her appearance. The big question is what kind of surgical procedures that she had got if she was really under knife?

Kelly Lee Osbourne who was born on October 27, 1984 is not only best known as a talented actress, but some people also know her as a singer-songwriter, television personality, and fashion designer. Kelly’s career achievement is not doubted anymore, but some people are now wondering if she has got plastic surgery since they notice some changes on her appearance especially on her nose. Did she have nose job? Let’s see the following pictures comparison.

Kelly Osbourne Plastic Surgery Before and After

If we pay attention carefully on before and after pictures, she indeed has different nose shape. It now looks great with much more refined nasal bridge and the tip is much better defined. It has to be remembered that Kelly previously had wide nose shape with bit rounded at the tip, but it now has changed. Therefore some people do believe that Kelly Osbourne nose job rumor is truly fact. Nevertheless they also admit that Lee’s new nose has made her face look much defined than before so that she now turns into a glamorous actress with dazzling appearance.

What about her body measurement change? Is it caused by one of plastic surgery procedures, liposuction? Or it is just caused by her healthy diet. There are many disputes dealing with her body shape change. Some people believe if she possibly has got liposuction as well to make her body look slimmer than before, however not a few of her fans argue that her sliming body shape was caused by having tight diet.

In short, regardless of whether Kelly got liposuction or not, we notice that she now looks more elegant, mature, beautiful, and glamour with better nose shape and slimmer body measurement. Some of her close friends have also had some plastic surgery, such as Kate Upton, Katie Couric and Barbara Eden. Check them out to see what work they’ve had done!

What do you think of Kelly Osbourne’s transformation? Does she look better? You can decide by yourself by comparing before and after photos above..!