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Kellie Pickler Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Kellie Pickler Plastic Surgery Before and After

For you who have known yet who Kelly Pickler is, she is as an American television personality and country music artist. The beautiful woman who was born on June 28, 1986 now is being rumored of having plastic surgery to improve her image. However, since this rumor has been spreading out widely, there have no been any statements from the singer having beautiful voice and signing to BNA records and 19 Recordings. She just stays mum with the spreading rumor.

Did Kellie Pickler Have Plastic Surgery?

Kellie Pickler Nose Job Before and After

 If we pay attention carefully on her latest appearance, the talented singer winning the fifth season of American idol has indeed a larger, rounder, and fuller breasts than she used to. Most people believe that she has gone under the knife to improve her appearance by increasing the volume of her cup size. It is usually called as breast implants. Additionally, she is also being suspected of having cheek augmentation to change the appearance and shape of her jaws.

Judging by before and after photos, there is other signs referring to cosmetic surgery procedures. Some people can see obviously that Kellie Pickler nose now has changed as well. So, the changes that she has got are not only on her bust and jaw line. But, she likely has been under plastic surgeon’s knife for a rhinoplasty surgery as well. It almost impossible for other women get a drastic nose change if they do not have some works done on their nose. How actually does her nose now look?

Kellie’s latest nose appearance now looks slimmer and much more defined than it used to look. It is totally different from her old nose which was flat and wide from the bridge to the tip. They believe that such nose change is as the effect of nose job. Meanwhile the other prominent signs referring to the beauty enhancements are on her face skin which looks so smooth, tight, and fresh. Some plastic surgeons say that she possibly has also got botox injection although she is 27 years old.