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Kate Moss Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Kate Moss plastic surgery becomes the trending topic of discussion in social media and magazines. She reportedly has been under knife to improve her appearance as international supermodel. However a lot of people are still wondering with what type of surgical procedures that she has got and how well are they carried out?

Katherine Ann Moss who was born on January 16, 1974 may not be young anymore. Her age has reached 40 years old. But if we look at her latest appearance, she does not appear as a 40-year-old-woman. She still looks beautiful as if her age is still 30 years old. Looking at her appearance then compare to other women in her age makes some people speculate if this supermodel could have some plastic surgery procedures. Well, if she really has been under knife, what kind of surgical procedures did she have?

Kate Moss Nose Job Before and After

Based on before and after photos above, Kate indeed has some changes on her appearance especially on her nose shape. Noticing such nose change makes us believe if Kate Moss nose job rumor is truly fact. Let’s see at her previous pictures, she appeared with large nose shape. It now changes to be much better defined than before. It now looks bit thinner with superbly sculpted tip.

Nevertheless there are many disputes regarding to the result of her nose job. Some people notice that her new nose shape previously looked good but a few years later, it turns into unattractive because it looks dented now especially on her left side which looks somewhat caved. However majority of her fans argue that she still looks pretty and sweet after having a rhinoplasty surgery. They ensure that she does not appear to go overboard with her plastic surgery procedure. Friends of Kate Moss such as Joan Allen, Cindy Crawford and Chelsea Handler have also had some plastic surgery work done.

What do you think of Kate Moss’ nose shape? Does it look unattractive? Or on the contrary, she looks more beautiful with new nose shape. Feel free to share your ideas with us..!