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Kate Jackson Bad Plastic Surgery: Before and After Pictures

Kate Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kate Jackson is not only popular as an actress but this beautiful woman is also best known as producer and director. Her name became famous when she had best acting in Night of Dark Shadows and then her name peaks the fame when she has role in Charlie’s Angels TV series as Sabrina Duncan. During her career in entertainment industry, she has been playing in many television series and movies. Therefore, it is not wonder is she has achieved many nominations and awards like Emmy Award and Golden Globe Awards  for her best and professionalism career in entertainment industry. However, her name is now being talked by many people, it is not for her career achievements but it is regarding to the plastic surgery rumor.

Has Kate Jackson Had Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery seems to be new trend among Hollywood celebrities even worldwide. Most of the celebrities are rumored to have some surgical procedures to enhance their appearance. There are many stories for celebrity plastic surgery, some of them got best and satisfaction results as like Kate Hudson and Adriana Lima but not a few of them even got worse appearance after being under surgeon’s knife as like Tori Spelling. One of the latest news reported that Kate Jackson has awful plastic surgery so that her latest appearance looks weird.

Kate Jackson Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Based on before and after plastic surgery photos, she apparently has facelift, brow lift, eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty, and possibly dermal injection around her face. Unfortunately those procedures seem to be overdone so that her appearance looks odd even worse.  Instead of getting a beautiful and charming face, her face even looks weird and unnatural after having some plastic surgery procedures.

 Even tough her plastic surgery has made her look younger than before but it looks unnatural and bit weird. He considered that her new face is not proportional with its frame. Her face looks not proportional and this is really plastic surgery nightmare for her. One thing that the doctor appreciated, although her recent appearance looks worse, but Kate Jackson still looks confident with her appearance.

Well, at first Kate is surely wonderful woman but since she has been rumored to have some works done, her appearance looks weird even it looks worse. Kate Jackson plastic surgery is one of examples of plastic surgery disaster.

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