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Kat Dennings Bra Size Before and After

Kat Dennings Boob Job Before and After Picture

Kat Dennings Bra Size: Are Those Real?

It’s hard not to notice Kat Dennings when she’s captivating audiences on screen. She’s a great actress with a proven record of capturing people’s hearts and making everyone laugh, but she also just so happens to be sporting some impressive endowments. She’s made her way through Hollywood without being dragged down by controversies, but Kat Dennings bra size has continued to baffle us all, leaving us wondering if it’s the result of plastic surgery.

Kat Dennings Career

Kat Dennings first appeared on the big screen with her role portraying a 13 year old girl in the major series Sex and the City. She was great, and it became apparent that she was going places. This already positive start was further bolstered by successful side roles throughout her ongoing career. She always managed to add spark and excitement to the roles she filled.

Many stars start out with flat chests when they’re young and work their way up in their respective cup sizes. Kat on the other hand has always been well endowed. As far back as her teenage years, her breasts have been big in comparison to her body size. This allows for some reasoning behind her bra size, but still leaves questions unanswered.

Was Plastic Surgery Involved?

Kat Dennings Bra Size Before and After

Although she has not confirmed it, the cup size for Kat Dennings is 38DD. With breasts that large it’s hard to believe they are natural, but careful examination shows that she is most likely sporting a natural pair, and not relying on plastic surgery to enhance her look. People went to work trying to find out her bra size when she found mainstream success in the CBS series 2 Broke Girls. While rumors swirled about her true size, but the final number is deemed the true size based on Kat Dennings measurements which are outlined below:

  • Breasts: 37 inches
  • Waist: 27 inches
  • Hips: 37 inches

Given these measurements, and looking back at Kat Dennings before and after photos, we can see that her breast size hasn’t changed drastically over the years. In addition, her body measurements warrant the cup size that she’s sporting. If anything, she is considering a breast reduction to prevent back issues later in life. In addition, she will have more clothing options without the need for extra support.

How do we Know?

Real breasts are malleable. They create tight cleavage when pushed together and they react accordingly to gravity. For Kat Dennings bra size, we can see that her breasts show these characteristics when she sports some of her dresses. A clear sign of implants is the kind of rigid nature that results from them. It’s almost as if they could stand on their own without a bra, and they do in some cases.

Plastic surgery is best when it blends into the look of the woman, but as we have seen numerous times, the effects can appear unnatural. Take for example Nikki Cox who has undergone a number of procedures because she was insecure about her looks. As surgeries pile up, the effects become more and more prominent, especially in facial surgeries like the ones undergone by actresses like Pamela Anderson, Nicky Minaj, and Kate Jackson.

In this case though, it seems Kat Dennings has real breasts, but she may still go under the knife to reduce the size of them. Only time will tell, and hopefully the good doctor knows not to remove too much, she needs to keep her figure after all.