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Kaley Cuoco: Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

Kaley Cuoco Before and After Picture

Rumors of Kaley Cuoco breast implants are making the rounds in Hollywood. Hollywood has a way of making even the most beautiful people feel like they are lacking in some way, especially women. In recent years more and more stars have opted to tweak their appearances through plastic surgery. From older stars to young ones there is huge rise in the number of people getting plastic surgery in Hollywood! Recently, news surfaced that Kaley Cuoco has had breast augmentation surgery in the past.

Kaley Cuoco is an American actress. Kaley is best known for her ongoing role as Penny, a struggling actress, in the hit show ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Kaley first came into the limelight because of her role as Bridget Hennessy on ‘8 Simple Rules’.

The actress has had quite some success during the course of her career; she is currently the second highest paid actress on television. According to reports Cuoco is earning around $325,000 per episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and could soon be earning around $1 million for each episode! Woah, she is clearly raking in the big bucks.

Kaley on Breast Implants!

Kaley Cuoco recently admitted, in an interview, that she had breast augmentation surgery done at the age of 18. The actress had the procedure done back in 2004 when she was starring on ‘8 Simple Rules’. The actress felt getting breast implants might boost her chances of maintaining a successful acting career.

The actress said she has no regrets regarding her decision and also added that it was ‘the best decision I ever made’. Kaley had more to add, “It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done,” the beautiful actress admitted. “I love them. I’m super happy. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Getting breast implants has not hurt Kaley’s career at all. Cuoco’s show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is one of the best shows on air and part of that success is due to her. Apparently, Kaley is currently the second highest paid actress on television. Kaley earns $325,000 for each episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and that figure may soon rise to a whopping $1 million per episode!

Kaley Cuoco Before and After

Kaley Cuoco: The active side

Kaley Cuoco does not just rely on surgery to make herself look attractive, the actress works hard to maintain her figure. She is known to keep up with a strict fitness routine, in which she is helped by her trainer George C. King.

King revealed that Kaley’s routine consists of thrice weekly sessions which are an hour and a half long each. Kaley is apparently most interested in keeping her arms, butt and abs toned. She does different sets with three to six different exercises in each circuit.

Kaley works hard throughout her routine; she does full body workouts, rarely concentrating on one body part. She also goes through three rounds non-stop without any breaks in between. Wow, it seems like Kaley has amazing stamina! (Like Jennette Mccurdy and Kat Dennings)

Apart from working out in the gym, Kaley also stays active outdoors. One of Kaley’s favorite activities in horseback riding; and she indulges herself multiple times a week. The 28 year old has been riding since she was 15 and has not stopped since, even when she almost lost her foot during an accident where a horse trampled on her foot.

We wish we had Kaley’s stamina, the girl really can do it all.