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Kaley Cuoco Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kaley Cuoco Plastic Surgery Before and After

No one is doubt that Kaley Cuoco is beautiful American actress who has good skill in acting. This beautiful actress was born at November 30, 1985 in California. She becomes more popular since she played in the 8 Simple Rules and awarded in Emmy Award. After that her name becomes much more popular since she toke a role in the supernatural drama series Charmed as Billie Jenkins and many other TV series. Being blessed with great talent and beautiful appearance, there are many women envious with her. However, her beauty is now being waged by many celebrity viewers since there are a lot of her old pictures uploaded on internet. Then they compare her old picture with the latest one, they believe that Kaley Cuoco has plastic surgery.

Kaley Cuoco, 27 years old, is rumored to get breast implant. Public suspicion begins when they compare her old picture during holiday in Caribbean with bikini that shows off her assets with the pictures when she was attending at the 2012 Red Carpet. They found a bit change on her cup size which is likely referred to the boob job. In her latest appearance she looks better with bigger breast as if she feels more confident with her bigger bust.

When she is asked about the rumor, she neither denies nor admits that issue. She just keep silent as if she intentionally let the gossip floating.  Although she never gives confirmation about her breast implant issue but public still believe that she has boob job. A plastic surgeon from Miami Dr. Michael Salzhauer also is sure that she has breast augmentation but the surgeon ensured that Cuoco looks better and wonderful with her new breast. As a professional plastic surgeon, he regrets if she really has some works done. He thinks that she should not have it because she is too young to get surgical procedure like this, even tough the aim of the procedure is to enhance her image.

In conclusion, the truth of Kaley Cuoco plastic surgery rumor is still debatable but regardless of the rumor we notice that she looks more beautiful, sexier, and elegant with her new cup size.