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Jung Yong Hwa Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jung Yong Hwa Plastic Surgery

The allure of plastic surgery is one that South Korean actors can’t say no to. In the latest tabloid news, we are hearing rumors of Jung Yong Hwa plastic surgery.

The rising stars of Korea are becoming increasingly attracted to the glamor and ease of plastic surgery. This rapidly catching-on practice comes as no or little surprise to the world, since the country has some of the best plastic surgeons, who aren’t only skilled at what they too, but charge a lot less than other practitioners of the same trade in different parts of the globe.

Plastic Surgery Rumors: True or Not

Jung Yong Hwa is the jack of all trades, the singer, actor, producer and songwriter is not only known for his outstanding vocals, but also his boyish charm and impressively good looks. The star of hit TV shows, such as’ Heartstrings’ and ‘You’re Beautiful’ is amidst plastic surgery rumors. While, we believe the strikingly handsome actor needs absolutely no help from surgeons to make women all over the globe swoon, the tabloid-writers beg to differ.

Jung Yong Hwa Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The rumors has it that the lead vocalist of rock band CNBLUE has undergone the knife and gotten two different procedures to reshape his nose and change his jaw line. From the before and after pictures, it can be presumed that Jung Yung Hwa plastic surgery rumors may not be true, after all! While, the pictures show evidence of some changes in Jung’s looks these changes can be attributed to makeup, fluctuating weight and his ever-changing hair styles. Jung Yung Hwa’s fans are vividly aware of his ever-changing hairstyles, which may attribute to the changes in his look. The before and after pictures of Jung Young Hwa may just be evidence of artful contouring and Photoshop rather than indication of plastic surgeries. (Like Park Bom and Jang Geun Suk)

Apart from plastic surgery rumors, Jung Yung Hwa dating rumors are also circulating the tabloids. The singer-cum-actor has denied dating either of the two popular contestants, namely; Park Shin Hye and Seohyun. Jung claims that they are just really good friends and co-workers and there is nothing to the rumors. The artist claims to be single and happy.

We as fans and critics believe that there is no truth to Jung Yung Hwa Plastic Surgery rumors; the handsome artist is as original as they come and we are grateful for it!