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Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

No one can deny that the beauty standards in Hollywood are high; the pressure on actors to appear youthful and always beautiful has led many to choose plastic surgery. Today, Hollywood is full of celebrities who have had multiple plastic surgery procedures done in order to look beautiful or to change their appearances.

Even male celebrities are now undergoing plastic surgery to look more attractive. With Hollywood’s obsession with perfection stars feel they have to change their looks through plastic surgery to stay relevant.

Julie Bowen: Plastic Surgery Confessions

Normally when a celebrity undergoes the knife the process is very hush hush. Most celebrities do not even comment upon their plastic surgery rumors, let alone confess to them. But Julie Bowen is not one of them! The 44 year old actress has admitted to having plastic surgery performed on herself and has expressed the desire to try out more procedures! We salute Julie for her honesty and courage.

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Julie Bowen plastic surgery rumors were confirmed by the actress herself. She has not expressed any shame in choosing to have certain procedures done and neither has she hidden behind silence. Julie Bowen is a well respected and much admired actress; she has appeared on series such as Ed, Boston Legal, Lost and is currently appearing on the hit comedy show Modern Family. She has also won two Emmy Awards for her work on Modern family.

Julie Bowen: Plastic Surgery Procedures

As Julie Bowen has already confessed, she has had laser treatment done on her face. Laser treatment is done to rejuvenate the skin, to make it appear more youthful and glowing. She said she sought the procedure to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging from her skin; we certainly think her skin looks youthful and vibrant.

The smooth skin of her forehead indicates that she has also had Botox injections. Julie has said that she wants to try Fraxel treatment; she says the results of the procedure are really noticeable and it is worth  try. It looks like she had Botox injections to smooth out lines and wrinkles. Julie has said that with plastic surgery her aim was to look natural and has no intentions of having any over the top procedures.

Other than these procedures, sources say Julie Bowen has also had breast implants. Comparing recent pictures of the star from those earlier in her career, a marked difference between the size of her breasts can be seen. It is quite obvious that Julie had breast implants put in as she now has a rounder cleavage. Apparently Julie took the decision to get breast implants after giving birth to her third child. The surgery certainly suits Julie, her breasts do not look obviously fake and appear natural. Julie Bowen has not commented upon rumors of her breast enhancement surgery. (Like Nicollete Sheridan and Sophie Monk)

No one can deny that Julie Bowen is a talented and successful actress,s but the Hollywood pressures to look young and beautiful probably made this star choose plastic surgery.