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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Plastic Surgery Secret

Nowadays plastic surgery becomes so popular for Hollywood celebrities. Even though it has big risk becomes a trend but there are many celebrities in Hollywood even worldwide take cosmetic surgery to enhance their image. The evidence is many celebrities who are getting older begin to consider getting plastic surgery to keep their youthful looking as they were young. And the recent issue says that Julia Louis-Dreyfus has some plastic surgery procedures so that she still looks so amazing with young appearance though her age is not young anymore. Public guess that this 59-year-old actress has some works done on her face to get rid the aging signs.

Julia Louis Dreyfus Plastic Surgery Before and After

She is around 59 years old and yet Julia  still looks so fresh and beautiful without aging signs. For her age she has very smooth and tight skin on her  face. She does not have any wrinkles, or age lines, as well as  saggy skin around her face. It is extremely  impossible for a woman of her age to have such face appearance if they do not have anti aging treatment. to make face look smooth, fresh, tight, and far way from the aging sign, it usually uses some filler injection like dermal injection and Botox. Looking at Julia Louis’ latest appearance public speculate that she possibly has got those injectable filler to rejuvenate her skin face.

 Dreyfus does not only reportedly have anti aging treatments but she is also rumored to have nose job or rhinoplasty surgery. The evidence of her nose surgery can be seen through her new nose shape appearance which looks better with narrower bridge and it looks fit with her amazing face. Whereas she previously had little a bit wide nose shape as we can see on her before plastic surgery picture.

Plastic surgery expert Dr. David Shafer told that Julia Louis-Dreyfus has dermal injection like Botox so that she has flawless and so smooth skin face. Meanwhile, Dr. Paul S. Nassif added that she does not only have some filler injections around her face but she also likely has nose job or rhinoplasty surgery. He ensured by showing the evidence that her new nose shape now looks slimmer and thinner than before. However, both of plastic surgeons judged that what Julia did to makeover her appearance gives her satisfying results because she looks better and younger than her actual age.

Overall, Julia Louis-Dreyfus indeed looks so amazing in her 50’s age but it is hard to know whether she has plastic surgery or not because she has strongly denied that she has some jobs done to enhance her youthful face. This actress who was awarded by a Golden Globe, four Emmy Awards and five Screen Actors Guild Awards told that she will always follow her mother’s footstep to keep the natural beauty and getting older naturally.

What do you think about Julia Louis-Dreyfus plastic Surgery? Does she look natural or there are some surgical procedures done on her face? Feel free to share your thought with us!