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Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Joyce Meyer was born on June 4, 1943. She is known as a Charismatic Christian speaker and author. She has become famous because of her charismatic and uplifting messages. Most people follow her teachings and sermons to better their relationship with God and to improve their daily life. Recently, a disaster has befallen her, specifically her mouth. What is wrong with her mouth?

Some people are surprised when they look at Joyce Meyer plastic surgery before and after photos uploaded on the internet and published in some health magazines. If they look at her latest appearance, they strongly believe that she has gone overboard with surgical procedures. Her lips look odd, it looks weird especially when she is smiling. So what kinds of plastic surgery procedures has she undergone to create this horrific disaster? Could this be the result of a facelift, or something more sinister?

Some plastic surgeons assume that she has received lip augmentation to improve her appearance, but unfortunately the surgery procedure was not done so well. They prediction was that she probably wanted to have luscious and full lips, but in fact, the result is not at all what she wanted. Her lips look extremely thin, and the corners of her mouth are larger. Some surgeons conclude that she has had incorrect injection into the lips, paralyzing certain muscles as a result of it being done improperly. This can cause scar tissue development that results in swelling, firmness, and sagging. Some other notable figures who have gone down the same road of plastic surgery are Wendy Williams, Coco Austin & Kaley Cuoco)

Joyce Meyer’s plastic surgery yielded poor results, making the shape of her new lips look weird. Some have even gone so far as to say that her lips are like the mouth of The Joker from the recent Batman film. Most of her fans hope that her lips will look better as time goes by. Even though Joyce Meyer’s mouth has been drastically altered, her fans are still faithfully listening to her teachings.