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John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before and After

John Kerry plastic surgery seems to show us that aesthetic surgery is not only popular among the Hollywood celebrities but other public figure like politicians also have been interested to take some beauty enhancements through cosmetic surgery.

Many American politicians especially the female ones have reportedly have some surgery procedures to enhance their image. Although they are not celebrities but they also often face the camera to responds or speak out about the country problem or their party. So when there is something strange on their appearance, it will be easily noticed by public. And it seems that other famous American politician, John Kerry, follows the other politicians’ footstep in getting some beauty enhancements. Is that true? What plastic surgery procedures does he have? And how well does he look after getting some works done? Let’s see…!

John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Judging by John Kerry plastic surgery before and after photos, he definitely looks younger with some strange scars on his appearance. We are afraid if those scars are caused by plastic surgery procedures. Based on before and after photos comparison above, we strongly believe that he might get some cosmetic surgery procedures like facelift and brow lift combined with Botox injection or other facial fillers injection. The signs of those surgical procedures can been seen from his face skin that looks so tight and so smooth whereas his age has crossed 70 years old. It is almost impossible for other men in her age can have such face appearance if they do not have some works done on their face.

As we know that facial surgery procedures like facelift and forehead lift combined with some facial filler injection can help to remove the frown lines on the face as the result face injected with Botox will give us youthful impression. And what we see on John Kerry’s face, it looks so smooth and shiny whereas his age is not young anymore. We can hardly find some aging signs like wrinkles, crow’s feet lines, or other age lines on his face hence we strongly believe if he has got some anti aging treatments.

On the other hand if we look carefully at John Kerry before and after plastic surgery photos, we also found that his nose likely has changed as well. His nose now looks a bit swollen. We guess that he has been under knife for rhinoplasty surgery (nose job) so that his nose can look in such way.

In short, Politician John Kerry plastic surgery is other examples that show not all plastic surgery is always favored by Hollywood celebrities or worldwide celebrities. He has reportedly has some facial surgery procedures they might include a facelift, forehead lift, Botox or other facial filler injection, and nose job. He likely has taken a lot of advantages from his surgical procedures; his appearance now looks younger than other men’s appearance in his age.