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Joel Mchale hair: transplant Before and After Photos

Joel Mchale Hair Transplants Before and After Photos

Has anyone else noticed the Joel Mchale hair change? That’s the question that often rose among fans when they see his unusual appearance. The latest news reports that McHale had a hair transplant to improve his image on the media. The American television personality, television producer, writer, voice actor, actor, and comedian clearly has a different appearance, especially on his hair. People have known that the actor who was born on November 20, 1971 has a bald head.

Many of them see that he was losing more hair on the front of his hairline especially on the temporal peaks. After becoming more famous, he has made many people surprised. People notice that his baldness is gone and it is obvious that he has had plastic surgery for the hair on his head. However, the rumor is still debatable among celebrity plastic surgery viewers and his fans. Well, in order to find the truth, let’s check out the following reviews based on before and after photos comparison.

Joel Mchale Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

If we compare Joel Mchale before and after photos, we know that he actually had baldness on his temporal peak. The latest photo shows that he has no baldness on that area. So, people believe that he has gone under the knife to get a hair transplant. It can automatically rejuvenate his look. He looks much better than before by applying a hair transplant to his head. It has to be noted that hair transplants can involve removing small pieces of hair-bearing scalp grafts and relocating them to thinning or bald areas. So, that is why Joel had more density on his hair. Although some people say that he has worn hair plugs or a hairpiece, many experts judge that he has applied men’s plastic surgery.

Nowadays, plastic surgery is not only famous and applied on women, but it can be also applied to men. So, there is no harm by allowing the bald handsome actor to apply it to improve and enhance his appearance. Despite the Joel Mchale hair change, he’s looking good. Tell us your thoughts in the comments!