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Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Joan Van Ark plastic surgery is undeniable facts. Many people believe that this 69-year-old actress has some works done to enhance her appearance. However, there are many people may not know what kinds of surgical procedures that she has got. To answer your anxiety, let’s take a look at before and after photos below.

Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Before and After

Comparing by Joan Van Ark plastic surgery before and after pictures, this “Knots Landing” star seemingly has got too much cosmetic surgery procedures like facelift combined with some filler injections like Botox or other dermal injections, nose job, lips filler injection, and cheek implants.

If we look at Joan Van Ark before plastic surgery, she had wide nose shape. However, after getting rhinoplasty surgery, her nose shape appears to be slightly smaller. Meanwhile, her face skin now looks frozen and too tight where it indicates that she surely has too much facelift combined with facial filler injections like Botox. Even though her face is free from aging signs like wrinkles, crow’s feet line, and other aging lines but some people notice that it looks weird for her face frame.

Based on before and after photos comparison, it is clear that she does not only have facelifts and nose job. Her lips also appear to be injected with some filler like collagen as well as her cheeks. It is apparently inserted with some implants so that her cheeks look fuller.

When she was asked or interviewed regarding to the rumor, Joan did not clearly stated whether she had been under knife or her appearance naturally aged. She often avoids when she was questioned about plastic surgery procedures.

To respond whether Joan Van Ark has plastic surgery or not, Dr. Anthony Youn makes some reviews based on her before and after plastic surgery photos. After having reviewed some photos, the surgeon claims that she likely has browlift or better known forehead lift, and upper eyelid surgery. He shows that her eyes has “hollowed out” impression while her nose appearance now looks thinner and shorter, she might have got rhinoplasty surgery as well. On the other hand, Dr. Youn also noticed that her lips now look augmented; it is likely injected with some filer injection like Restylane. In the end of his reviews, he ensures that Joan’s neckline looks like to be a bit sharper than before and it looks unnatural for 64-year-old woman. He explained that such neckline appearance is usually obtained through facelift surgery as well as her cheeks which looks somewhat puffy where indicates facial fat grafting.

When Dr. Anthony Youn was asked to give an assessment regarding to Joan Van Ark has plastic surgery results, the surgeon told that she may get a lot of advantages from her facelift, filler injection but he noticed that the rests of her surgery procedures do not apparently give her advantages even they almost made her appearance look weird and unnatural. He also suggests her to consult with her surgeons whether she needs additional constructive surgery or not.

Over all, to know whether someone has plastic surgery or not seems to be hard jobs but we do not need to be a plastic surgeon to know the signs. We can do some reviews based on before and after plastic surgery photos as we have done on Joan Van Ark plastic surgery. From pictures comparison above, it is clear that she indeed has some works done on her face even some of her surgery procedures are not well done.