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Joan Jett Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Joan Jett Nose Job Before and After

There have been some Joan Jett plastic surgery rumors going around the internet as of late. She is best known as an American producer and occasional actress, songwriter, singer, and rock guitarist. This talented woman whose one hit record ‘I Love Rock n Roll’ in 1982 is now the subject of some rumors that she turned to plastic surgery to keep her youthful appearance in her 54-year-old-age.

Did Joan Jett Have Plastic Surgery?

Judging by before and after photos, this 54-year-old woman younger than other women in her age. In her fifties, she should have some wrinkles or other frown lines around her face. If we look at her face, it is still smooth and tight. Her facial skin does not appear to have some common aging signs like many other women in her age have. Is it possible for women in her age have such an appearance if they do not have some works done? Yeah, it’s rare ,hence we strongly believe that she could have some plastic surgery procedures done on her face, at least a facelift combined with facial filler injections like Botox.

Joan Jett Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

On the other hand, Joan Jett cosmetic surgery does not only fix her facial skin, but she also possibly has received a rhinoplasty surgery. It can be seen from her latest nose shape which looks a bit different than it used to. Her nose now looks more refined and narrowed at the tip. Meanwhile, the other signs that indicate beauty enhancements are on her cheeks and teeth. Her cheeks now look fuller; we suspect that she might have received cheek implants. Then, if we look at her teeth appearance, they now look whiter than before. We are afraid that she also has received veneers to brighten her teeth.

According to Dr. John DI Saia, Joan Jett looks like she indeed had some work done on her face like a facelift combined with Botox injections. In addition, Dr. Paul S. Nassif noticed that she has obviously had a nose job that makes her nose look slightly narrower especially on her nasal bridge while her tip is more defined. The surgeon also strongly believes that the actress and singer has had a blepharoplasty as well to reduce the crow’s feet around her eyes. The existence of Joan Jett plastic surgery is confirmed, however, the doctor stated that even though she has apparently had many surgical procedures, but she does not appear to be addicted to surgical treatments.