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Joan Allen Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Joan Allen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Joan Allen plastic surgery rumors have surfaced as her appearance looks more youthful than her age. Most people know that many older celebrities in their fifties or more will exert some efforts to enhance and keep their youthful appearances even though they have to have plastic surgery procedures done. The latest news reports that Joan Allen who is best known as an American actress, has been under a plastic surgeon’s knife to maintain her gorgeous appearance that she had when she was young. The talented and beautiful woman who was born on August 20, 1956 is rumored to have had a facelift combined with regular botox injections to remove aging signs like wrinkles and other frown lines on her face.

Did Joan Allen Have Plastic Surgery?

Judging by before and after photos, Joan’s latest appearance seems to be unnatural for a woman in her age. It is almost impossible for a 57-year-old woman to have smooth, tight, and youthful skin, unless they have had some plastic surgeon’s aids. If we look at Joan Allen before and after photos, we strongly believe that this spectacular woman has been under a plastic surgeon’s knife to eliminate the aging signs around her face.

Joan Allen Plastic Surgery Before and After

According to Dr Judith Hellman, a Board certified New York dermatologist, she seems to have facial surgeries like a facelift combined with Botox injections to reduce aging signs like wrinkles, crows feet lines, or other frown lines around her face. The surgeon also strongly believes that this talented woman has also had cheek implants. It can be seen from her latest appearance.

On the other hand, Dr. Paul S. Nassif and Dr. David noticed that she has a mini facelift combined with facial filler injections to make her look younger. The surgeons add that she has also possibly had cheek fillers, a neck lift, and some botox injections on her forehead. In addition, Dr. Michael Salzhauer thinks that she has a youthful face and chubby cheeks due to fat injections on her cheeks and botox injections to her forehead.

What do you think of the Joan Allen plastic surgery rumors, and her latest appearance? Does she look natural? Or does she indeed appear to have had some work done? You can decide yourself by comparing the before and after photos above!